Stained glass museum and map created by "Vitražo manufaktūra" collecting information about stained glass places and authors in Lithuania.

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Today, stained glass is one of the most developed types of architectural art in Lithuania, although the oldest historical stained glass windows still found in situ were created in the 19th century, in foreign workshops. One of the biggest historical stained glass ensembles is located in the Church of St. Johns in Vilnius: two stained glass windows of the Chapel of the Body of God (Oginskiai) were made in the Gsell-Laurent workshop in Paris in 1861, according to the projects of J. K. Vilčinskis, and seven Presbyterian stained glass windows were made in E. Todesas workshop in Riga in 1898. The stained glass called “The Crucified with Angels” created in the Geyling stained glass workshop in Vienna in 1881, came to Lithuania from St. Petersburg together with 4 stained glass windows of the Evangelists, which were acquired by the Church of Holy Sacrament in 1934. Stained glass windows placed in Rokiškis St. Apostle Evangelist Matthew Church were created in the same Geyling workshops in 1884. The first stained glass workshop in Lithuania, Kaunas, was founded by Wladislaw Przybytniowski in 1905, before its closure in 1914, stained glass pieces were created in there for the St. John Baptist Church in Lapės, Vabalninkas the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church, Viduklė St. Cross Church and other churches, as well as heraldic stained glass for Kaunas City Museum based on the projects of Tadas Daugirdas.

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